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Certified   mountain   specialist 

One of the biggest pieces of advice I can give someone looking to sell their foothills or mountain property is to team up with a "Certified Mountain Area Specialist". This is a certification that the National Association of Realtors gives Realtors once they complete many hours of extensive mountain training. This includes topics that are crucial to selling home in the foothills and mountain communities. To find out more about this certification please visit: Mountain Metro Association of Realtors. 

Living and working in the foothills has been the joy of my career. I am constantly increasing my knowledge about county and neighborhood regulations, zoning, taxes, permits, inspections, and more. To find out some of the most important items I can help with- read below!



Well & Septic

There are a lot of extra steps when selling your mtn property; two big ones are gathering your Well Permit with the Colorado Division of Water Resources and having an Inspection done on your Septic tanks. You will be required to have your tanks inspected and pumped before Closing. I will guide you through this process.  


Fire Mitigation/ Wildfire Risk

Wildlifes are a huge concern for many new Buyers moving to the mountains/foothills. Chances are you have already mitigated your lot. I help advise my Sellers prep their home for market and have local contractors to help if you need to mitigate your property before listing your home. I enjoy educating my clients on this!

Forest Fire
Home Desk



Getting Homeowners Insurance in the mountains can be a dauntly task for a Buyer. Connecting them with a reputable Insurance Broker will help them get through some of their contingencies and help you sell your home faster!


Survey/ Zoning/ Title

Every single Seller I represent- I verify all the important documentation before we even go to list your home. This will confirm many items that other realtors may miss. I verify zoning, permits, errors and omissions, use permits, well permits, tax assessments, and more! 



Marketing/ Drone photos

One of the reasons you likely bought your foothills or mountain property is because of the land/ because of the lot. One of my main goals is to capture the beauty that surrounds your home. My marketing focuses on the property as a whole and lets a buyer envision the amazing property and surroundings.


These items are just scratching the surface when it comes to selling or buying a home in the mountains/foothills. Reach out to me to find out:

1. How long have I been a Realtor?

2. How many homes do I sell a year?

3. How many homes have I sold in the foothills?

4. Do I have my CMAS (Certified Mountain Area Specialist) designation?

5. What do I know about the local area? Market stats?

6. How will I market to potential Buyers?


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