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Camping Info

Camping in Colorado is just the best. You can camp along a river, next to a lake, on top of a mountain, even on an island! There's so many amazing places to go- but first things first: What to pack!! No matter how many times I go camping; whether it's in a tent, in a camper, or in my car--- I still always make a list to make sure I bring everything! 

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Couple and Dog on Camping Trip

Car Camping

If you have never been camping before you can find tons of useful information provided by my friends at REI. Click below and learn all about it!

On the Trail


Travel to places you can't drive to and view the state by foot! Pack light; respect your surroundings and have fun! If you don't have the gear- you can rent it!! 

Hiking Trail

Leave No Trace

Learn about helpful tips when you are out in nature and how to respect mother earth, keep yourself safe, and be mindful of others around you. 

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