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Camping  near  Zirkel  Wilderness 

I'm pretty sure finding this campsite almost scared my husband, then boyfriend, away. The amount of stress I cause "finding the perfect site" isn't exactly his favorite thing about me. But he knows I want it to be perfect. And free. And good views. And enough room for cars and tents and hammocks and dogs and games and singing. You get the point. And that, my friends, is THIS campsite. We went up a day before everyone else just to find this perfect spot. I don't even remember how we found it. I think a ranger in town told us about it. See, I like dispersed camping. It's the best. It's basically the only places I go camping. So if you don't mind peeing in the woods or not showering for the whole weekend- it's for you too! 
GETTING THERE: From Denver it's about 4 hours to Steamboat. Google it. Or ask Jeeves... It's 70 West to 9 North to HWY 40 into Steamboat. Once on HWY 40; We stopped at the Hahns Peak/Bears Ear Ranger District south of Steamboat and got a map. He told us about Seedhouse Campground - but we wanted dispersed camping so we kept looking..If you want something a little nicer- that's a great place to camp! From Steamboat and take HWY 40 to 129...Which takes you through Clark, CO then keep going til you come to County Road 64 (seedhouse) or may be called Forest Service Road 400. You'll follow a river the entire drive in. It's so pretty. You'll keep going until you pass Seedhouse GC on your left. Then there are FS roads that split off. 443 to the north and south. The north route was higher; the sites had great views but there wasn't much room for a large group. So we headed on FS 443 south and went all the way to the end. A lot of spots were already taken- but we found the best spot at the last stop! If you have a large group- I highly recommend this area. And it's right by the river! 

map of campsite.png
I can send you the exact spot if you text me! I have a pin drop on my phone. You can see the Forest Service roads you can camp along. They are all great options! If you wait to go up Friday after work- it will be tough to find a spot. Do yourself a favor- go Thursday and in day light. It's worth it!
IF you prefer an actual campground; there are a couple nearby:
Seedhouse Campground
Hinmin Campground 

*Want to HIKE near here? Then Click Here!

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